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Blame Joe Biden, Not Kim Reynolds, For The Crisis At The U.S

Iowa Democrats have taken every opportunity to slam Reynolds over her anti-immigration statements this year. To my knowledge, though, no Democrat in state office has criticized their own president’s anti-immigration actions.

“Gov. Reynolds should be spending less time participating in political stunts about the southern border and more time focused on making COVID-19 testing more widely available in Iowa,” wrote Zach Wahls, top Democrat in the Iowa Senate.

It might seem like an odd strategy to link immigration enforcement to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that is exactly what the Biden administration is doing. It is using the public health crisis as a despicable excuse to expel thousands of migrants who are seeking our help.

The federal government under Joe Biden has taken some steps to ease enforcement on people already in the country, giving rise to “open border” misinformation. But the government has actually continued much of former President Donald Trump’s brutal closed-border regime.

A week ago near Del Rio, Texas — the same area Reynolds sent state police to assist Texas officials this summer — federal border authorities on horses started chasing down and detaining Haitian migrants. The Biden administration plans to expel thousands of them under a Trump-era policy.

The policy, known as Title 42, allows the government to block asylum applications in the name of public health. It relies on the lie that foreigners are dirty and riddled with disease. Biden is defending the measure against legal challenges from the ACLU and others.

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