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Cultural Appropriation Is Another Term Invented For Angry People To Control Sane People

I do not think your saving on old candy would be worth much really and the candy would be very stale by the next yr. If you are concerned about the cost of halloween candy just go away for a short time on halloween night or turn your light off or do not answer the door

Nothing is wrong with that as long as you pay attention to the expiration date of that candy and store the candy according to the instructions. If that candy’s expiration date is before that next Halloween, then you must throw that candy away.

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Yes, I think so. Although candy generally won’t spoil in a year’s time, it can degrade. For example, chocolate may turn gray or develop a silver streak. Sugary pieces of candy can stick to each other. Candy can get harder or drier and gain a slighty stale taste.

If you want to save money on Halloween candy, look for sales and bargains, or buy cheaper candy.

Nope, not at all. Especially if it’s crap like candy corn. Chocolate bars will get a bit skenky — as in, the chocolate will get white dust on it, But it’s not “bad”. But if you buy a couple of bags of Nestle’s or M&M/Mars minis, those Twix and KitKat minis will be fine 11 months later. None of them contain cheese or raw pork. So ignore the whiny-pants answers below.

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I never thought it cultural appropriation if someone from England wanted to dress up as an American cowboy. I draw the line at making fun of sacred objects no matter what the religion but otherwise dress up however you want to.

The few who really do it are the ones who are white but claim to be black. They are mentally ill.

You can wear what you want when you want. For those who object they should be able to detail why. If it comes down to feelings, then they need to grow up, or lock themselves away. Sane people should not change for angry snowflakes.

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Let’s take a look at what would actually get a costume accused of cultural appropriation. The first thing that is likely to earn that accusation is that the costume plays up on stereotypes or caricatures of a another culture, race, ethnicity or what have you. This will be particularly noteworthy if that group has historically not had control of its narrative of how it is portrayed and/or it has been portrayed negatively. The other likely cause is that it takes something very important to another group and reduces it to a decoration that halloween 2021 someone can just discard. This one tends to be particularly true if the group in question has been punished for or had to struggle to maintain this object/image from the group that is taking it over.

So a quick and easy example would be a lot of native American costumes. They tend to reduce complex cultures to something very simple. They have a history of being part of turning native Americans into cartoon bad guys and/or noble savage stereotypes. They often make use of headdresses that have intense cultural and spiritual meaning to the tribes they are from, but they are just being used out of context.

The thing is, you can really put arguments about what is and isn’t cultural appropriation and whether cultural appropriation is a valid argument aside. Instead, you can look at things and be empathetic with other people and understand why they may not feel thrilled about how something is treating their culture. Halloween is not about being something else, it is about having fun. And if you have fun at someone else’s expense, then you are just being a jerk.

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