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Halloween Has Become The Greatest Retail Season Almost Surpassing

Well remember Halloween Is AllHallowed Eve a Christian holiday many months before Christmas. Maybe like the other author said strike a compromise with your parents skip the skeletons in the skulls but maybe go for the artistic carving of pumpkins with smiley faces create surrounded with fall leaves stuff like that do they not give out candy maybe you could create a setting with candles pumpkins and fall leaves to celebrate it and then ask them to give candy out to kids. Actually Christmas good luck I think your parents are just stuck in a mental phase. Maybe go to church and your priests could help you with them to explain that this is just for fun and games nothing to do with worshipping Satan or the like

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Maybe you can compromise. If it’s supernatural or spooky things they object to, maybe you could dress up as something else, like a scarecrow or an angel? If it’s the holiday then maybe you can participate in a Fall Festival/Harvest Fest. A lot of churches here have them. You still get to dress up (though NOT as anything spooky or evil), play games, and most have a Trunk or Treat where trunks are decorated and candy is passed out trick or treat style. Some even have their own version of a haunted house only they call it a Judgement House. It’s basically trying to scare you into the faith with scenes of murder, violence, sin, and folks burning in Hell, but it can still be fun. You could go to a friend’s Halloween party, join friends for a haunted house crawl, or if all else fails, stash a costume at a friends house that does celebrate Halloween and go for a sleep over that night. Just be sure to be safe. Tell your folks/your friend’s folks where you’re going and with who, even if you don’t say exactly what you’ll be doing.

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Okay, I totally understand what you’re going through. Not sure what your religion is, but as a kid I went through the same thing.

My mom was a very religious and strict muslim so as a little girl I didn’t get to dress up or go trick or treating. But when I turned 7 she decided to let me and my sister celebrate Halloween since she realized it was harmless. Since then, she wasn’t as strict and became a fun and loving parent who didn’t have dumb rules or restrict their kids from everything.

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So I know how you feel. Now, the solution. So, since they won’t agree to you even CELEBRATING the holiday I suggest you go somewhere else. Here are my ideas:

Tell them you’re going to visit a friend and maybe plan and throw a party at their house! You and your friend can organize a nice little party or get together with friends with food, candy and scary movies.
If you’re still young enough to trick or treat, Halloween 2021 then maybe you and some friends can make costumes and go trick or treating together. Just don’t go in your neighborhood or near your house and you should be fine.
Go to a costume party! If one of your friends knows somewhere where there will be one then that’s great! Once again you can make a costume or borrow one from a friend. Get someone like a friends’ parent to drive you there or walk if possible. Just be sure to not pass the curfew time your parents give you and change your clothes at a friends house first.

Maggie I am sorry but I agree with your parents on this. Halloween is occultic and you should stay away from it in any form. Folks say “Oh it’s just a bit of fun” It is anything but fun, So take your parents advice and adhere to it.

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