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He’s Finally Killed In Part 4, When Tommy Jarvis, The Only Human Not Related To Jason

Alright, let’s go over this. I’ve read the comments and answers here and while many of them make good points, some of them also buff their chosen victor without knowing at all what they are talking about. I own every single movie of each series, and I’ve read all of the Halloween comics, and some of the Friday the 13th comics. Let’s go over this with the strongest version of Michael vs the weakest version of Jason. First, We’ll pit Jason from the movies, against Cult of Thorn Michael, and toughest iteration of Michael. And the victor of the battle is Jason. Here’s why:

Jayden Jones made a post and his own battle with Cult of Thorn Michael vs Jason on this question, and Michael came the victor. His reasoning was that Michael was immortal since it was apparently stated such in Halloween 6, whereas Jason is not actually immortal and has been killed in every movie he’s been in. Here’s the problem with that reasoning.

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It’s never explicitly stated in Halloween 6 that Michael immortal, just that the curse must be passed on. Jason has been stated as immortal, and in Jason X, which is a canon movie, The United States Government find it literally impossible to kill Jason, trying every known method they can think of, but he’s either too durable, or heals from it. It’s four hundred years later when he is finally killed, and guess what, he doesn’t stay dead for long. We can’t really use his fear of water in this battle since it’s inconsistent with his actions in the original franchise, where he will literally just walk into water with no fear whatsoever, and he can in fact swim in water as we’ve seen, not to mention Michael can’t really use it to his advantage. His aquaphobia is literally a plot armor for his opponents, no more than that.

As for Jason being killed at the end of every movie, with the exceptions of Jason goes to Hell and Friday the 13th Part 4, this is FALSE. Incapacitation is a very different thing from Death, in that the victim is still very much alive. In Friday the 13th Part 2, Jason survives getting his machete slammed into his shoulder, which would kill a real person usually, and in Part 3, gets an axe lodged in his head, and he’s still running for a few seconds. While this does weaken him, he literally wakes up a few hours later, the beginning of part 4, and he’s strong enough to hold a doctor down, slit his throat with a bonesaw, and twist the doctor’s neck all the way around.

Slams a machete in his skull over and over, and Tommy only does this when he notices that Jason survived the initial strike, which alone should’ve killed him. He’s clearly not human in the first 3 films where he’s the main villain, not matter what you may think. In Friday the 13th Part 6, Jason is resurrected because Tommy Jarvis BELEIVES him to be unkillable, and through supernatural means, is resurrected when impaled with a spear and then struck with lightning.

In this movie, Jason can throw a man by the arm at a tree seven feet away with enough force to kill the man and keep the man’s arm in his hand. He also effortlessly snaps another man’s spine and is able to take a machete through the heads of three people at once. Not to mention he can now shove someone’s face into the side of an RV from the inside with enough force Halloween Kills to make a perfect imprint of her face from that can be seen from the outside. He can also twist a girl’s head all the way around without any effort without cutting her neck first. At the end of this movie, he is incapacitated and falls into a coma when Tommy Jarvis chains him to a large rock and traps him underwater.

In Part 7, he is accidentally awoken from his coma by Tina Shephard, and while Tina does fight back, She never really does anything that affects him long term, until she summons her father from the depths of the lake, who saves her at the last minute by dragging Jason underwater with a chain, repeating the end of Part 6 without the rock involved. He survives his mask crushing his head, which breaks, getting electrocuted in a water puddle by a power line, and getting caught in an explosion that obliterates a two story house, from which he also busted his way out of the rubble without any problem, even though he was trapped in a basement.

In Part 8, he is awoken when a boat rudder is caught on his chain and shocks him awake, and though his face is shown melting away, in the next film, the toxic waste fused his mask to his face. In Jason Goes to Hell, he’s finally killed when he’s stabbed with a blade which drags him to hell, a blade which requires the very specific and almost impossible to achieve catch of being used by a family member of Jason. In Freddy vs Jason, Jason is strong enough to bust through a metal door with no problem, spin a man’s head around faster than anyone Halloween Kills can react, and can survive a fight in the dream realm with Freddy Krueger for who knows how long.

Had the aquaphobia not been introduced, It is possible that the battle could’ve lasted until Jason woke up, which would add another few minutes. I’m pretty sure the dream realm fight lasted for close to 7 minutes, and in this time, Jason not only takes punishment which pisses him off more than hurts him, but manages to hold his ground and fight back, meaning he lasted far longer than anyone else in the dream realm.. He’s also flung God knows how far and with no negative impact, and a large cart hitting him and a massive bucket hitting him while he is pinned in place don’t do much to him, since he recovers from both no problem.

At the end, he falls into the lake out of what one can assume is exhaustion. But by the beginning of Jason X, which takes place about 8 years after FVJ, The United States Government can’t find anyway to kill Jason, bar a nuke. It takes twin pistols from almost 450 into the future to put him down, and he’s only down for a few minutes to a half hour before he’s revived with nanites and turned into Uber Jason.

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