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I Read This Article In A Website, According To The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

In addition to the complex set of factors influencing all homelessness– extreme shortage of affordable housing, livable income and access to health care– a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder Veterans Day 2021 and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks. Additionally, military occupations and training are not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment,” National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

There are many contributing factors. It is hard to pin just one factor, but the fact is we have many Military Veterans that are homeless. There are some people that pretend to be homeless Veterans just to scam money. At the end of the day, when I see a person asking for help, I choose to act with humility, and “give” what I can afford to “give, regardless.”.

But if you do not have the resources, than “Give your time” to them. It can be in many ways. Sometimes just sitting with them and listening without talking can be very helpful. We started a Veterans Stand Down in my hometown in partnership with the New Mexico Veterans Integration Center. Once a year, in December we come together to Honor our brothers and sisters, they do not have to be homeless, if they need something, several resources are available for them.

I am a veteran, I had a need at one point in my life, and through a Veteran Stand Down, and because someone cared, I was given a “hands up.” Almost 4 years later, Veterans Day 2021 I have two educational degrees, currently registered for a third degree, occasionally I get a good project that provides for my financial well being, and most importantly, I have a few people in my life that care.

It is my desire, and it is a great pleasure to pay it forward, so I volunteer to give as much of me as I can. It is a Gift from God.

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