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In the movie Jurassic cat, exactly how did they obtain dinosaur DNA from fossilized blood.

They don’t utilize fossilised blood – they use blood from the digestive system of (non-fossilised) insects caught in brownish-yellow.Better to your various other notes (which you consisted of as a solution as opposed to a remark) red cell do not have DNA, Jurassic cat however leukocyte do. Likewise, there’s some proof that dinosaur red cell might have contained centers and therefore DNA.

However soft tissues aren’t protected in amber, simply the tough parts of bugs, so it still wouldn’t in fact work.

It had not been fossilised in the proper sense of the word however that isn’t a concern here. Exactly how did they draw out DNA from the blood of an insect that had been trapped in brownish-yellow shortly after it took a meal of dinosaur blood during either the Jurassic or Cretaceous duration?

They really did not and they couldn’t.

Regardless of the problems in which it is kept DNA has a half life of just 521 years. This means that 521 years after the death of the organism fifty percent of the bonds linking the nucleotides – the basic foundation of DNA – would certainly have broken down. After another 521 years half of those left would certainly have damaged, and so on. After just a few million years the DNA in the cells in the insect’s intestine would have degenerated completely as well as you ‘d be entrusted a chemical soup of phosphates and also straightforward sugars, if that. Jurassic cat There would certainly be no genetic product at all left.

You would not have the ability to duplicate a yeast cell from the gunk you ‘d remove from the insect, let alone a dinosaur.

The source product does not matter, by the way. In non-avian reptiles the erythrocyte is ennucleated and so the blood would actually be a very good resource of DNA, Jurassic cat however just if you caught the mosquito concerned as well as pumped its little tummy quite promptly.

I asked this concern due to a minor detail that has always badgered me. Jurassic cat Until now as I know DNA can not be extracted from blood as none of the cells found in blood have DNA to essence.

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