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Jamie Lee Curtis Praises Kyle Richards For Halloween Kills Role

Michael hears voices in his sleep telling him to kill and when his sister abandons him to have sex he listens to the demons and kills and when he does it feels good and he keeps killing to get that feeling again. And when a victim escapes him he never let’s that victim go no matter who it is or how many years it takes.

Because at a young age, he was cursed with the mark of Thorn. Although in the old Halloween films, Michael loved his family, but the curse made him kill them. So Michael became immortal, being that the cult of Thorn gave him the supernatural power to not die. Halloween Kills Still, somewhere deep down inside of this psychopath, is that scared 6 year old boy that wants to be freed.

Michael Myers has to be evil. He didn’t say a word for 15 years or more. Then he also kills when he is 6 years old. That’s insane, I don’t know what 6 year would kill anything. That’s not a average 6 year old. In Rob Zombies film. He clearly has to be evil, and showing his entire childhood how bad it was for him. And plus he was inflicted with the curse of thorn. That group protected him throughout his life. So Final Answer: Michael Myers is Evil

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