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So Basically All The Things We Think Are Bad And Spooky About Halloween Are Vestiges Of The Tribal People’s That Lived All Over

And as far as the pumpkins for Halloween, people in Europe and England would have festivals and family get togethers at the end of October because they knew the cold winter and time of darkness was upon them and this was a last chance harvest festival that everyone would have right before the bad cold really set in.

And so they would use gourds and pumpkins with candles in them to light the way for friends and relatives coming around to visit. Back then there was no electricity or street lamps, so these carved out vegetable candle lights that kept the candles from setting fire to the surrounding areas was their way of lighting the way for end of harvest season revelers.

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And the pumpkins and gourds were also cut to have frightening faces as this was thought to ward off evil spirits and protect the revelers from being bothered by them.

And as far as the devil, that was also a construct of the Catholic Church to say that all the “heathen” religions and the European tribes who practiced them (actually religions based on the harvest and agriculture) were bad.

One of the main gods of the agricultural tribes in Europe was a Pan like God who was both a harvest and fertility God. He had hooves and horns like a goat and he is the basis for the devil we know today. The redness came from the Catholic Church’s interpretation of hell as being ever burning and so that is where the red skin and the association with flames came from.

And ghosts and spirits that would sometimes come and give psychic information to people also got demonized by the Catholic Church since the Catholic church did not want any other group or person to have control over the masses of people in Europe. So the Catholic Church first demonized the older women herbalists and killed all of them and stole their knowledge (which became the basis for much of the early medical teachings) and then also demonized anyone who had any psychic power and the spirits that these people might see.

So basically, except for the pumpkin lanterns (jack o lanterns), every other thing that we associate with Halloween is all thanks to the Catholic Church and its efforts to wrest control over all the tribal people in Europe and make them land bound slaves to the “landed gentry”. Who then collected rent from these people for their upkeep and also sent a portion of that rent to the church and the royals.

And the landed gentry themselves gained possession of their lands by being willing to terrorize and kill anyone else who was on the land in the same way the Catholic Church did to the people.

Europe before the Catholic Church came and took control of the whole continent through violence and terrorism. The Catholic Church and the landed gentry and the royals were the true evil ones in reality. And so we should actually be dressing up like middle ages royals and priests and landed gentry to be spooky and terrifying for Halloween. People who will lie about you and murder you if you don’t give them what they want and slave away for them.

At any rate, when you look at it like that, the only “cultural appropriation” in dressing like a witch that would be going on would be dressing like a senior citizen woman of the middle ages who knows how to heal with herbs.

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Given the current insanity of the “Original sin” of all White men being born “racist”, it would seem that the American commercial use of a Celtic festival cannot be viewed as “Cultural Appropriation” because blacks involve themselves in it, despite not having a clue as to the significance.

Well Halloween is from Samhain which is pagan/Druid. There are many Wiccan types of practices so maybe there isn’t enough centralization to be offended. Wicca isn’t Druidic. halloween 2021 Most people don’t know enough about all the variations to pinpoint the various types. The main offense was making witches represent evil, so appropriation may be pretty far down the list of offenses. Just a guess.

Because witches are part of Halloween, it’s All Hallows’ Eve. Just like Christmas is a Pagan celebration that the Christians have tried to take from us. Christ’s birthday was originally April 1.

I don’t think so. Here in the north central area of Pennsylvania, by the time Halloween comes it’s too cold to really celebrate that holiday outside. If I had the money for it I’d definitely have an outdoor harvest festival/Halloween party in September.

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