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Summer Of Misleading Claims Continues With Border Crisis

As Biden administration officials scramble to contain the political fallout over a surge in migration at the border, they have made a series of false or misleading claims, capping off a summer of bending the truth to avoid controversies.

From Afghanistan to the economy to the border, President Joe Biden and his top aides have often attempted to deflect criticism of their policies by providing inaccurate information to the public, with varying degrees of success.

Here are some of the less-than-truthful claims offered up by the Biden administration since July.

The border is secure. We’re executing our plan,” Mayorkas said. Joe Biden Responding later to a question from a Republican congressman, Mayorkas added that the border is presently “no less secure than it was previously.”

Setting aside the crisis in Del Rio, Texas, resulting from a spike in the number of Haitians crossing the border, illegal immigration has exploded under Biden’s watch, undermining Mayorkas’s claim.

Border crossings in June hit the highest levels recorded in 21 years. During the month of July alone, Border Patrol agents encountered more than 212,000 people attempting to cross into the country illegally.

In July 2019, at a time when former President Donald Trump was accused of presiding over a border crisis himself, Border Patrol agents encountered roughly 82,000 people attempting to cross into the country illegally.

Critics have blamed the liberal language Biden used on immigration during the campaign, as well as his decision to rescind virtually all of Trump’s immigration policies immediately upon taking office.

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