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Target Released Its Halloween Costumes

We don’t make sacrifices to the devil on Halloween. We don’t actually believe that we wear costumes to ward off evil spirits. That’s the thing. Halloween was a pagan holiday. People would wear masks to confuse the evil spirits and make them go and haunt and bother someone else.

To some uniformed Christians, pagan means Satan worshiping. Not true. Pagan theology is completely different than Christian theology. Just because the Pagans weren’t Christians doesn’t mean they were devil worshipers. (Well, depending on your brand of Christianity, it might. But I wouldn’t call Jewish people Satan worshipers for not being Christian, so why would I call any other non-Christian a Satan worshiper?)

The point is, we don’t observe Halloween as a ritual. We give no thanks to the devil. The Christian devil has never been involved in the holiday at all, and even if he ever was, he certainly isn’t now. It’s about getting to dress up and get candy.

Halloweeen means All Hallows Eve it is the All Saints Eve, a Christian Holiday, what commercialization has done in adding ghoulies and gheesties and long-leggedy beasties has done with it is beside the point. Samhaiin, a pagan holiday, happens to be the same day, but that is an entirely different holiday and is not the question you asked.

  1. With Moon Halloween Bedding Set

2. Wicca Black Witch Happy Halloween Bedding Set

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas Characters In Halloween Bedding Set

4. Black Cat With Ghost And Spider Halloween Bedding Set

5. Black Cat Witch at cemetery Halloween Bedding Set

6. Black Cat skull Yellow Moon Painting Halloween Bedding Set

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