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What Are The Some Of The Best Lyrics Ever Written.

When listening to music, Two Door Cinema Club I primarily pay attention to the melody; the lyrics are always a secondary concern. I know some great Russian, Japanese and Greenlandic songs whose lyrics I do not understand. If the melodic structure appeals to me, I like it, simple as that.

That said, the most exquisite lyrics I know of are all by Cinema Strange, whom I once had the pleasure of seeing live. Their song lyrics are really short stories or miniature plays, all highly appositely written.

Two Door Cinema Club A movie named “New York” came in 2009 which had a storyline of detainment and discrimination post 9/11 in US. Although the soundtrack was decent but there is one track which I feel is quite intense and deep. Seems like the track has its own soul and staring deep into your naked conscience. Below is the track lyrics (Bold is hindi/italics is english translation):.

There are simply too many talented song writers to definitely name “” the best!” Like all music, interpretation can change everything. For me, knowing about the writer, understanding the time and place they were in, the current trends and influences always change my appreciation. Two Door Cinema Club I tend appreciate all music based on that criteria.

But some stylings, and artists seem to resonate with me more than others. Like “Tears in Heaven” by Clapton. When his son died, who was my sons age, my heart ached and I was envious of a talent that afforded him such am intimate expression at an obvious painful time. Two Door Cinema Club Billy Joel and Kenny Loggins both wrote some heartfelt songs to their children at the time of their divorces that were very moving.

In general, there are some writers that I have grown to respect for their complete works, even though their respective genres may not be my fav: Take a few minutes and look up the song books from artists like: Some of the more obvious ones like Lennon-McCartney; Rogers & Hammerstein; Jagger & Richards; Some not so obvious are Smokey Robinson; Carol King (google “the Brill Building” in NY they had an amazing troupe of hit writers in the ’60’s with TONS of music for all kinds of genres); Willie Nelson; Bob Dylan; Steven Tyler; John Denver; Jimmy Webb … Like I said, many different styles, Two Door Cinema Club but a quick look at their work will most certainly yield some surprises in songs written, but made famous by others.

Unless one is clueless to the value of lyrics, I nominate the American Cole Porter. Listen to any of his songs and one will immediately know how intricate, clever, sophisticated and mostly timeless his lyrics are. A simple example would be the lyrics to “Let’s Fall In Love. Two Door Cinema Club It can’t get better than these genius lyrics.

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