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Why Do So Many Mistake Kindness For Weakness.

I saw an ill looking man on the bench, he was on the same bench as me. His eyes had sunken in from fatigue and his clothes were dirty and creased. Mistake Kindness For Weakness Not to mention he was very skinny. My heart ached and my eyes welled with tears from the sight. I was alone with bags as my parents were inside a shop in front of us.

I remember, I was such a state, a few people around us were worried for me, I could barely string a sentence together, and all I did was stutter. By the time my parents came outside, I rushed to them and said between sobs that’ll I was gon na get something and I wouldn’t be gone long.

I rushed inside, got some snacks and food, a drink for the man and payed quickly, before rushing out again and giving the man the stuff I bought for him. Mistake Kindness For Weakness He took them happily and went off, still upset. I was pulled aside by my parents and I eventually spat out what happened and how I felt bad for him.

My mum just chuckled and said: “You numpty, your heart’s as big as a bucket …”.

Mistake Kindness For Weakness My dad just narrowed his eyes in agitation and sternly said to stop the crying.

We did some walking until we stopped at a cafe/small restaurant. I went to wash myself off at the bathroom and came back, my dad was still stern and cold. My mum tried to calm me down gently as my dad continued his stony expression.

When me and mum was alone later that day, she said that how my father always viewed Kindness and weakness and how people will Mistake Kindness For Weakness eventually manipulate your nurturing behaviour for their own benefit, and so that’s why my Dad got so tough, he hated it.

The people who view Kindness as weakness are poorly mistaken, doing something good for another person if anything but good, but they aren’t wrong in some sense, don’t let cruel people in your lives suck you dry. If your a kind individual yourself, good for you! Because it sure as hell takes a lot of Strength to be Kind in the world we live in.

As a matter of fact I have two neighbors who live together on one side of me who I’ve had to set boundaries with and hated doing. Mistake Kindness For Weakness It was a must though. They are a lot younger than I am and were so sweet right when they moved in that I thought there was no way they could be bad people. Wrong!!! They turned out to be the most manipulative, lying, thieving and worthless people that I’ve ever met in my entire life.

I have to see them everyday just makes me sick to my stomach. I want to move but can’t right now. I’m looking for a home to buy which is not an easy process. In the time being, Mistake Kindness For Weakness I stay the heck away from this pair. They are loud and obnoxious but not loud or obnoxious enough for anyone to hear but me. Therefore, I can not even call the cops on them and they know this. I have also recently found out that one of them has an assault and battery charge against her by her former neighbor. People like this are who you need to stay away from. They are horrible toxic people that take advantage of everyone who happens to step in their path. You give them an inch and they will take 20 miles.

Once you’ve already let someone overstep your boundaries. It’s hard to put your foot down to their behavior after the fact. This is why it’s a must that you stop it as soon as possible. Don’t let it get worse than things already have. You set your boundaries right when you meet people that you know will be in your life especially for an indefinite amount of time. Such as a coworker. If you do it in the beginning they will also respect you more too even if you don’t see it immediately. Mistake Kindness For Weakness Those who take advantage of you do not respect you. That’s not okay!

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