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Why is Moncler so Expensive? Are They Worth the Price?

Brands that are renowned for their jackets can be found anywhere online and even locally in many places. It’s great that the market is full of options and that anyone can find exactly what they are looking for.

Expensive brands are also many and some of them are really expensive, to the point where the question “Why?” comes naturally to mind.

Exactly! Why are popular brands so pricey and what exactly is their deal? Considering how many other brands are available, why do they carry on with such unreasonable price tags for their products?

Well, the short answer to that, we have found, is that the quality of their products far surpasses that of more affordable options. We have looked at Canada Goose, Arc’teryx, Patagonia and The North Face in past reviews, and delved a bit more on the reasons for their high prices.

Today it’s time to add another brand to the collection of price reviews and the chosen one is Moncler, which we have previously compared to Canada Goose. You can find out which of the two did better over here.

  1. Moncler Logo Open White T Shirt

2. Moncler White Logo T-Shirt

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