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Woosox Pitchers Celebrate Halloween A Little Early At Polar Park

The team’s pitching staff decided to celebrate Halloween on Sept. 24 and went about their daily routine of stretching, running and throwing while in costume.

“It definitely shows the closeness of these guys have built throughout the course of the year,” said Abbott, who was not dressed up. “You see them day in, day out and for them to get on the same page and put time and effort into costumes just shows they really care about each other. We have, not only an interesting bunch, but a quality bunch as well.”

“Since we’re playing into October, I thought what better way for team camaraderie to have the Halloween dress up on the last homestand. With today being the last night game, I thought it would be a perfect day,” Brice said. “Figured it would be something fun for the guys to do to break up the grind at the end of the year.”

“For sure Schreiber,” Brice said. “He had a costume inside a costume. You can’t beat that. That was a dynamic duo, double punch. I don’t think anyone was expecting that, but he came hard with it, and that’s all you can expect out of him.”

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